characteristics of Slums…

characteristics  of slums

characteristics of slums

The characteristics associated with slums vary from place to place. Slums are usually characterized by urban decay, high rates of poverty, and unemployment. They are commonly seen as “breeding grounds” for social problems such as crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, high incidence of mental illness, and suicide. In many poor countries they exhibit high incidence of disease due to unsanitary conditions, malnutrition, and lack of basic health care. A UN Expert Group has created an operational definition of a slum as an area that combines to various extents the following characteristics: inadequate access to safe water; inadequate access to sanitation and other infrastructure; poor structural quality of housing; overcrowding; and insecure residential status. To these one might add the low socioeconomic status of its residents.


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  7. Mrinmoy Maji Says:

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  8. what is the relationship between slums and literacy level.

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  10. BAKARE O.K. Says:

    need to know more on slum areas and dweller and also how to carry out an urban renewal process. Love the publication.

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  12. Thank u for doing this work but how can we manage this condition especialy for low income resident.

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  14. TONY N. GABRIEL Says:

    From the above explanation of slum, does it mean that slum is the same with ”Blight”

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