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From her view…

Posted in Interviews on April 9, 2009 by thaso2
Phnom Penh  Child

Phnom Penh Child


This is an opinion from my friend (Pol Sreymom), who is from Cambodia, and she shared conditions of slums in her country. What she thinks about is that, mostly poor people who live in slums do not have enough facilities in their shelter. In her opinion, she said that cities have more slums in Cambodia specially, in phnom penh. In early, they lived in countryside; however, the reason that they moved to cities is hunger.  Therefore, they decided to sell their land in villages and then they searched jobs in cities, so that they can survive their family. Unfortunately, when they go to live in urban areas there are no many jobs available to do and which led them to become beggars, pick garbage in streets, road cleaners and some young girls addicted to drugs and involved in prostitution   Most of them  do not have enough education to determine their life.

I asked her that do you think that Cambodia government has taken any solution to reduce these problems?

She answered that “I do not see any improvement, but yes, the government is trying to do something for them. They encourage the slum children to study and give jobs to adults like construction works, and Garment works. Moreover, some NGO, s from Japan, the USA, and Australia are working for them to bring a better environment”.

   In my view, I think that, this is a good idea that government is trying to help them through provide jobs and make the slum children educated. In south Asia also, if governments ready to help for slum dwellers, they will get other non government organizations help to work with them and reduce the difficulties of people in slums.